Good evening, fellow shooters! Saturday was a great day to shoot field target! Barely any wind, and after a chilly start, a nice warm up to the 70s. On to the scores…

John T. ***Match Winner47/60Daystate Red WolfSightron SIII 10x50x50
Jim C.45/60Daystate Red WolfHawke 10-50×60
Derrick W. 44/60Daystate Air WolfHawke SW 10-50JSB10.3
Bill W.44/60Daystate Red WolfSightron SIIIJSB13.4
Robert D.42/60Daystate Red WolfHawke 6-24X56JSB10.34
Shepard M.26/60MarauderCrimson Trace FX10.05
Hunter Class PCP

We want to thank everyone who made it out to shoot with us–we really appreciate it! Hope to see you at our next match on Saturday, April 16th.